Using J-Card Template

General usage information.

J-cards made with the [original version] can be reproduced with ours as their template metrices are identical.

Need help with the print shop? We also have [a page] for that.

Cover Image

For the visual impression.

Any image file supported by your web browser can be used as a cover image. Do note that they can not be saved with your J-card data file due to a limitation of the web platform.[a]

Cover images are cropped to the following aspect ratios:

  • 1:1when Fill cover is unchecked.
  • 639:1000when Fill cover is checked.


Dynamicize your J-cards by its typography.

Font Family

Any font supported by your web browser can be used. As far as we know, there are no ways to reliably-obtain a list of available fonts. You may be able to retrieve such a list in your browser settings.

J-Card Template comes included with Alte Haas Grotesk and uses it by default.

Font Sizes

Font sizes are measured in points (pt).

Your web browser may scale them to match your preference. This also affects the template. For instance: on Android, if you set the system font size to Small, and enabled automatic font sizing in Firefox, then the same twelve-point font appears relatively smaller than otherwise.

You can correct this error by adjusting the correction factor under MoreApplicationFont size factor.

Data Files

About saved J-cards.

Cover images are not included in the J-card data file due to a limitation of the web platform.[a]

A J-card data file created with Update 1 works with Update 2 and vice versa. However, while Print 2 is carried over to Update 2, it is otherwise unsupported to make way for the print shop. Likewise, entries not in the target version are not recognized there.

A data file bears the .jcard.json file name extension. If you are to open one with a text editor, we highly recommend to run it through a JSON formatter first. A prettified JSON text works just as well as otherwise.

  1. Your files can not be accessed with their paths; they can only be manually provided by you. We also decided against embedding image data into the J-card data file.