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+Cover images must be saved separately.


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Front Output

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Adjust the setup to your preference, then tap Print…. We recommended double-checking the print preview, if any.

Printouts are limited to one (1) page.


Provide the JSON file containing J-card data. It was provided with the .jcard.json file name extension.

You will be prompted for unsaved changes.

Cover Image

You can also load it here. It will appear on the template automatically.


This saves the J-card data into JSON text as a file download. Form fields whose label is marked with a plus (+) are excluded from the process.

No data will be sent to any server.

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You can also save it here.


Controls all collapsible fieldsets.


Forces the dark color scheme.

Swaps the horizontal position of the output and control panels.

Switch Interface

You can switch to the [original user interface] by tapping on the link.


1 /  × 100%

Adjust the font size factor to match the below two figures.

12 pt Alte Haas Grotesk
12 pt Alte Haas Grotesk

Disabled by default, Event Condensing Coalescer (ECC) is a resource-saving technology that condenses duplicate bursts of some input events into one at the cost of output latency.

Offline Access


Manage offline access to J-Card Template with the [NET-Installer].


Edit the [form] to update the template, then [print] this page when finished, or [save] it for later.

Font sizes are measured in points (pt). Short back is 0.6 in, Short spine is 0.4 in.

For more usage information, see [Using J-Card Template].

Need help with the print shop? You can read [our guide].

Print 2 has been removed. However, loading an older J-card data file with it enabled sets the print Count to 2.


J-Card Template u2r4 by Brendon, 04/04/2023.
—Printable in-browser template for cassette tape J-cards.

Changes made to it are logged to [CHANGES].

This work was based on the [original version] by Blaine Murphy.

Finally, thanks to all who wrote to me--you know who you are.

Built on NET technology.